Bull BBQ

The BULL BBQ® is the perfect summer accessory. The larger-than-life, smooth-flowing design of the outdoor kitchen is the ultimate centrepiece and allows you to show off your cooking skills in style. Whether you're entertaining friends or family, the BULL BBQ® has everything you need to throw a summer party.

All genuine BULL BBQ® appliances are fully approved by Australian Standards and carry the AGA certification. Your BULL BBQ® Outdoor Kitchen comes 95% assembled, and is made of Commercial Grade Stainless Steel. It's sleek design, stunning appearance, and durability don't stop on the outside either. Everything inside, including all flame retarders, burners, the full length slide out drip tray, is 100% stainless steel as well. This means your BULL BBQ® will last a lifetime.

100% stainless steel construction means that your BULL BBQ is built to last. A sleek design and striking appearance? Check. But what about inside? All internal components, flame retarders, burners, and even the full-length slide-out drip tray are also 100% stainless steel.

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