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Introducing the Bull BBQ® Single Fridge Module – a radiant addition to elevate your outdoor oasis!

Crafted with the same precision and style as our Double Fridge Module, this Stainless Steel wonder is designed to infuse your outdoor space with both functionality and glamour.

Picture this: A single door with crystal-clear glass that invites you to a world of chilled delights, powered by eco-friendly R600a Refrigerant for guilt-free coolness. The sleek profile seamlessly integrates with the Bull BBQ® range of outdoor kitchens and pizza ovens, ensuring your outdoor haven is a symphony of sophistication.

Here's the scoop on the features:

  • Single Door with Crystal-Clear Glass
  • R600a Refrigerant (Because being cool should also be environmentally cool!)
  • Same sleek profile as the Bull BBQ® range 
  • Built-in castors for a dance of easy maneuverability
  • 240v Plug & Play convenience
  • 63L capacity to keep your refreshments on point
  • Dimensions that harmonize with your outdoor dreams: 525mm x 569 x 905mm

And as a cherry on top, enjoy the peace of mind with a 12 Months Warranty – because your satisfaction is our melody.

To ensure your Single Fridge Module shines bright through the seasons, we recommend pairing it with a Bull BBQ cover and a touch of regular cleaning with an oil-based or stainless-steel cleaner.

Let the Bull BBQ® Single Fridge Module be the crescendo of your outdoor experience!

Warranty Information

1-year parts warranty

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