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IRWIN Plain Screw Vice

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MSRP: $177.00
Was: $177.35
Now: $140.00
(You save $37.00 )
$25.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Weight: 5.00 KGS

Irwin Woodworking Vices - Plain Screw Features:

  • Cast from grey iron
  • CNC machined for consistent reliability
  • Unbreakable S.G. ductile iron half-nut takes the load and can be replaced when worn
  • Two steel guide rods reduce wear and ensure smooth, parallel action
  • Mounts under bench tops
  • 175mm
  • 205 mm Jaw opening

About Irwin

In 1884 Charles IRWIN owned a pharmacy in Martinsville, Ohio. A local blacksmith who was a customer of Mr. IRWIN's came up with the idea for a solid center auger bit. He sold the rights to this invention to Mr. IRWIN and a year later, after patenting the Auger bit, Charles IRWIN, along with four other business partners formed the IRWIN Auger Bit Co.

In 1993 the company's histories would converge. Petersen Manufacturing, which changed its name to American Tool Companies in 1985, acquired the IRWIN Tool Company.It was the beginning of what would become two tool industry leaders, joining forces to create one industry giant.

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