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Harvey T-50 Woodworking Lathe

Like other Harvey machines, this lathe is designed and built to satisfy the most imaginative fantasies of woodworkers. With outstanding new features, energetic performances and so many user-friendly considerations, this lathe simply turns turning jobs into an unprecedented experience.


  • High grade cast iron structure for head stock, beds and stands to secure maximum stability
  • All beds are precisely ground to mirror like surface for smooth operations
  • Driven by advanced Servo DC brush less motor with variable speeds 50-3500 RPM
  • Digital wide angle speed readout with blue back light
  • Extraordinarily high torque at low speeds for easy working on large work piece
  • Oversized alloy spindle supported by three precision bearings
  • Easy belt changing without taking off spindle
  • Sliding head stock for easy outboard turning
  • Unique “Swing-away” Extension Bed system for easy tail stock storage (standard for T-60)
  • Heavy duty banjo with easy manoeuvre and secure locking
  • Cast steel chrome trimmed tool rest with micro height adjustment
  • End mounts for extension bed for longer centre distance 
  • Side mounts of extension bed for back turning
  • Lower end mounts of extension bed for outboard turning set up
  • Extension bed mounts on both ends of bed
  • Built-in spindle lock and index
  • 2” riser blocks for working height adjustment
  • Optional Spindle guard
  • Convenient chisel storage shelf under bed (optional)
  • Universal mobility system (optional)
  • CE and CSA certified

Standard Equipment:

  • Spur center
  • Live centre
  • 3" Face plate
  • Knock out rod
  • Tool kit

Optional Equipment

  • 12” Extension bed with swing away system (Standard for T-60)
  • 20" Extension bed with Tool rest riser bushing for tool rest
  • Rear Comparative brackets
  • Spindle guard
  • Chisel storage pan
  • Mobility system
Model T-50
Swing Over Bed 510mm (20")
Swing Over Tool Rest Base 200mm (16")
Max. Outboard Turning Swing 810mm (32")
Distance Between Centres 915mm (36")
Spindle Speeds L: 50-820rpm / H: 200-3500rpm
Spindle Nose 1-1/4" x 8 TPI
Spindle Taper MT2#
Hole Through Spindle (Diam.) 16mm (5/8")



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