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Harvey Sliding Table Attachment ST1500 (Metric) (800734)


  • Upgrade your table saw to have the capacity of a small sliding table panel saw
  • Easily installs on most table saws
  • Increase crosscutting capabilities to 48"
  • Features telescopic crosscutting capabilities


Sliding Table Attachment for Table Saws has been round for many decades in the market, but your can hardly find a sliding table that perfectly serves your purposes in functionality, capacity, accuracy and reliability. 

The compass ST1500 Sliding Table is constructed with an Industrial Grade Slider, and an Extremely Accurate Miter Cutting Fence System. The Slider (1500mm/59" travel) is designed with two unique preloaded V-shape ball bearing tracks which assure clearance-free moving accuracy and consistent smoothness during working. The Miter Fence System is designed with a rock-solid Fence Body with extension, a large and thick Half-Moon Indexing Gauge, and two Micro-adjustable Flip Stops. All these parts are made of 6061 Aluminum Alloy or Stainless Steel, and precision machined by CNC Machining Centres.

The miter Indexing Gauge is dedicatedly designed to allow for 7 Positive Stops with 0.02-degree angular accuracy. The Smart Trigger Lock device allows you to get any positive angle with one finger! In addition, the COMPASS-1500 Miter Gauge is equipped with a "Vernier Angle Setter" which allows you to increase your Visual Resolution of angle to 0.1 degree!

With all dedications in design, manufacturing and craftsmanship, theST01500 Sliding Table is built to satisfy your most capacity demands, and your most critical requirements for table saw operatoins.


Sliding Table Size 228.5 x 1200 mm
Extension Table Size 228.5 x 600 mm
Max. Table Travel 1540 mm
Max. Crosscut Capacity 1240 mm
Fence Extends To 1500 mm
Miter Angle Range -60°〜 +60°
Crosscutting Fence Overall Length 1090 mm
Fence Scale Imperial / Metric
Positive Stops -60°, -45°, -22.5°,0°, +22.5°, +45°, +60°
Vernier Reading Resolution 0.1°
Micro-adjustment Accuracy 0.02 mm
Package Size 1260 x 300 x 305 mm
Net/Gross Weight (approx.) 35/40 kg


PLEASE NOTE: This item comes as an attachment only; table saw is not included.


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