Harvey Eagle E-305S Spindle Moulder

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16 Sep 2024
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Harvey Eagle E-305S Spindle Moulder: Power Meets Precision for Wood Shaping

The Harvey Eagle E-305S Spindle Moulder is a high-performance woodworking machine designed to deliver professional shaping capabilities to your workshop. Featuring a powerful 5.5 HP motor and intuitive Siemens drive and control system, the E-305S tackles demanding moulding tasks with ease, while offering precise control for exceptional results.


  • Siemens Drive and Control System: Experience user-friendly control over spindle speed, height adjustments, and on/off functionality for a streamlined moulding process.
  • Oversized Cast Iron Table: The E-305S boasts a large and precisely machined cast iron table, ensuring a stable and flat work surface for accurate shaping.
  • Heavy-Duty Fixed Spindle: The fixed spindle offers exceptional rigidity and power for shaping a wide variety of mouldings and profiles.
  • Digital Readouts: Convenient digital readouts for spindle height display precise adjustments, allowing for consistent and repeatable results.
  • Quick-Change Spindle System: The E-305S features a user-friendly spindle change system, allowing for efficient tool swaps and maximizing workflow efficiency.
  • Safety Features: The E-305S incorporates a heavy-duty multi-adjustment fence system and safety guard for optimal user safety during operation.


  • Powerful Performance: The 5.5 HP motor tackles even the most challenging shaping tasks with confidence, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.
  • Precise Control: The Siemens control system and digital readouts provide fingertip control over crucial settings, delivering professional-grade accuracy.
  • Efficient Workflow: The user-friendly control panel, spacious table, and quick-change spindle system streamline your moulding process and save valuable time.
  • Durable Construction: The oversized cast iron table and robust construction ensure long-lasting performance and reliability in demanding workshops.
  • Safe Operation: The integrated safety features prioritize user safety while working with powerful woodworking machinery.

The Harvey Eagle E-305S Spindle Moulder is ideal for professional woodworkers, cabinetmakers, and serious DIY enthusiasts seeking a powerful and precise solution for their moulding projects.

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