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Introducing the BBT Commercial Walk-Behind Power Trowel 36" - PT36, featuring a Genuine Honda GX160 engine. This heavy-weight design ensures a superior finish for a variety of applications. Ideal for smoothing and finishing concrete surfaces, the PT36 excels in large, flat areas such as floors, driveways, sidewalks, patios, decks, and slabs for foundations. Its versatility extends to specialized tasks like removing concrete laitance, burnishing, and texturing for improved traction or grip.


  • Weighing 78kg, with an 870mm rotor diameter
  • 965mm guard ring diameter
  • 350 X 145mm blade size and adjustable rotating speed (0-120rpm)
  • The Genuine Honda GX160 engine with OHV technology
  • a maximum output of 4.0kW (5.5hp) at 3600rpm, ensures efficiency and reliability.

Versatile Applications: Walk-behind power trowels are indispensable for polishing and leveling concrete surfaces, enhancing strength, reducing cracking, and providing an aesthetically pleasing finish. Beyond main uses, they excel in specialized tasks like removing laitance, burnishing, and texturing for improved traction.

Benefits: Achieve professional and functional finishes with increased efficiency and consistency compared to manual troweling. Enjoy improved concrete strength, reduced risk of cracking, and enhanced aesthetics.

Investment Worth Making: For projects involving large concrete surfaces, the BBT PT36 is a valuable investment, saving time, effort, and money in the long run. Elevate your construction endeavors with the efficiency and precision of the BBT Walk-Behind Power Trowel 36" - PT36.


Weight (kg) 78
Rotor Diameter (mm) 870
Guard Ring Diameter (mm) 965
Blade Size (mm) 340x145
Rotating Speed (rpm) 0-120
Engine model  Honda GX160
Engine type  OHC
Engine speed (rpm)  3600
Maximum output kW(HP)/r.p.m.  4.0 (5.5)/3600

Owner's Manual



Warranty Information

Engine: Honda 3 year nationwide Tamping Unit: 1 year parts warranty

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