BBT Commercial 72KG Tamping Rammer Compactor - Genuine Honda GXR120 - TPM72



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Conquer Confined Spaces with BBT Commercial TRM72 Tamping Rammer

Forget the struggle of cramped corners and tight trenches. Bigger Boyz Toyz' TRM72 Tamping Rammer is your heavyweight hero for soil compaction in the narrowest of battlegrounds. Where brute force falters and plate compactors can't squeeze, the TRM72 unleashes precision pounding to tame the toughest terrain.


  • 14kN of Impact Force: Forget wimpy taps. This rammer delivers targeted strikes, driving out air pockets and ensuring a rock-solid base in even the narrowest nooks.
  • 650-690 Blows per Minute: Watch as the rammer dances across the soil, its relentless rhythm transforming loose earth into a tightly packed canvas for your construction masterpieces.
  • 3.0kW Honda GXR120 Engine: This legendary powerhouse purrs with unwavering reliability and fuel efficiency, conquering compaction challenges from dawn to dusk.

Built for Confined-Space Domination:

  • Compact Design: Weave through trenches and navigate corners with ease. The CNCJ72FWS's agility makes it the king of cramped-quarter compaction.
  • Jumping Stroke Control: Fine-tune the depth of your strikes for different soils and applications, from delicate surface leveling to deep-seated consolidation.
  • German-Made Bellows: Experience smooth, effortless operation with a premium bellows that channels the engine's might with finesse, giving you total control over every tamp.

Bigger Boyz Toyz' TRM Tamping Rammer isn't just a tool, it's a game-changer. It's your passport to conquering the toughest compaction challenges in the tightest of spaces. So, grab the reins of this soil-mastering beast and watch your vision take shape, one perfectly tamped trench at a time.


Weight (kg / lbs) 74kg / 162lb
Percussion Rate (per min) 650-690
Impact Force 14 kN
Jumping stroke (mm / in) 85 / 3.4
Shoe size (cm / in) 34.5*28.5 / 13.4*11.2
Fuel tank (L) 3
Engine model  Honda GXR120
Engine type  OHC
Engine speed (rpm)  4100
Maximum output kW(HP)/r.p.m.  3.0 (4.0)/3600

Owner's Manual



Warranty Information

Engine: Honda 3 year nationwide Tamping Unit: 1 year parts warranty

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