BBT Vibratory Forward Compactor 20KN - Genuine Honda GX160 - COM20F



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Introducing the BBT Commercial Vibratory Forward Compactor 20KN – with a genuine Honda GX160 (COM20F), the epitome of power and performance in concrete compaction. Engineered with precision and equipped with a genuine Honda GX160 engine, this compactor is your ultimate partner for achieving impeccable results in commercial projects.


  1. Reliable Honda Power: The heart of this compactor is its genuine Honda GX160 engine, renowned for its reliability and efficiency. Experience seamless operation and consistent performance on every job.

  2. Robust 20KN Compaction Force: Tackle tough compaction tasks effortlessly with a formidable 20KN compaction force. Whether you're working on soil, gravel, or asphalt, this compactor delivers the power needed for superior results.

  3. Vibratory Technology: The BBT COM20F is equipped with advanced vibratory technology, ensuring optimal compaction by efficiently settling and compressing the concrete. This leads to a smoother and more durable finished surface.

  4. Commercial-Grade Build: Crafted with durability in mind, the BBT compactor features a robust build designed to withstand the rigors of commercial use. It's your reliable companion for long-term projects and demanding construction environments.

  5. User-Friendly Design: The compactor boasts a user-friendly design with ergonomic controls, making operation straightforward for both experienced professionals and newcomers to construction equipment.

  6. Versatile Applications: From foundations to driveways, the BBT Vibratory Forward Compactor excels in various applications, ensuring versatility on the job site. Take on a range of projects with confidence and efficiency.

Invest in the BBT Vibratory Forward Compactor 20KN – Commercial Honda GXR160 (COM20F) and elevate your construction game with a powerful, reliable, and high-performing compaction solution. Built to meet the demands of professionals, this compactor is your key to achieving superior results in every compaction task.


Weight (kg) 85
Vibration frequency (vpm) 7000
Compaction Force 20kn
Plate size (cm) 60 x 40
Travel Speed (M/min) 30
Engine model  Honda GX160
Engine type  OHC
Engine speed (rpm)  3600
Maximum output kW(HP)/r.p.m.  4.0 (5.5)/3600

Owner's Manual



Warranty Information

Engine: Honda 3 year nationwide Tamping Unit: 1 year parts warranty

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