KOOP 23hp Twin Cylinder Diesel Stationary Engine



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14 Jun 2024
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KOOP 23hp Twin Cylinder Diesel Stationary Engine

The Koop air cooled KD series engines are a proven reliable source of Diesel power, and the 23hp twin cylinder engine will not disappoint, we have fitted a multi mounting plate  so you can ensure the KD series will adapt to your needs. It has a standard 25mm keyway output shaft along with a multi mounting plate coupled with electric start (ignition included).

Shaft length Approx 80mm

Low fuel consumption

With our new tip-clearance fuel pump and bottom inertia injection technology, combined with our advanced combustion and high burn rate, the KD series fuel economy is far superior to petrol engines.

Low noise

Our newly -designed gear transmission structure, decreases vibration along with a lowed dB rating. Along with our improved patented air cleaner ensuring a clean quiet engine.

Wide application area

Various kinds of output forms are optional 

High output

Vertical, V-type two-cylinder design, compact construction, large displacement= high output.

Easy start

Multi hole injection coupled with low gear starter motor, equals easy starts and reliable performance

 Model KD292F
Engine Type    2-cylinder ,4-Stroke, Air-cooled
Broke * Stroke[mm] 92*75
Displacement[L] 0.997
Compressed Ratio 19:1
Rated Speed[rpm] 3000 3600
Rated Power[Kw/rpm] 14.0 15.0
Rated Power[Hp/rpm] 19.0 20.4
Starting System Electric
Lube Oil Capacity[L] 2.75
Fuel 0#(summer), -10#(winter) diesel oil
Lube SAE10W30 ( above CD grade )
Power-take-off     Crankshaft
Overall Dimension [mm](L*W*H) 582*462*582
Net Weight [Kg] 84
Package Dimensions  620x540x680mm - 90kg

PLEASE NOTE: Engine does not come with Battery, it comes with spare filters and filter wrench, postage can be arranged Australia Wide.


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