Harvey Compass MG-36Pro Miter Gauge Table Saw

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The Harvey MG-36Pro Miter Gauge is a high-precision miter gauge designed for woodworkers who demand the best. It features a number of innovative features that make it one of the most accurate and easy-to-use miter gauges on the market.


  • Unbeatable Mitre Angular Accuracy: The MG-36Pro is equipped with a patented micro-adjustment system that allows you to set miter angles to an accuracy of 0.1 degrees. This is essential for making precise cuts, such as those required for picture frames and other woodworking projects.
  • 36" Crosscutting Fence: The MG-36Pro has a large crosscutting fence that supports workpieces up to 36" wide. This makes it ideal for cutting large pieces of stock, such as plywood and sheet goods.
  • Micro-Adjustable Flip Stop: The MG-36Pro features a micro-adjustable flip stop that allows you to quickly and easily set repeatable cut lengths. This is a great time-saver for projects that require multiple cuts of the same length.
  • Positive Stops and Smart Trigger Lock: The MG-36Pro has positive stops at 0, 22.5, 45, and 90 degrees, making it easy to set common miter angles. It also has a smart trigger lock that prevents the miter bar from moving accidentally.
  • Premium Materials and Craftsmanship: The MG-36Pro is made from high-quality materials and construction. The miter bar is made from heavy-duty aluminum, and the fence is made from durable phenolic resin. The gauge also features precision ball bearings for smooth and effortless operation.


  • Make precise cuts with confidence: The MG-36Pro's micro-adjustment system and positive stops ensure that your cuts are always accurate and repeatable.
  • Save time and effort: The MG-36Pro's large crosscutting fence and micro-adjustable flip stop make it easy to cut large pieces of stock and make multiple cuts of the same length.
  • Protect your safety: The MG-36Pro's smart trigger lock prevents the miter bar from moving accidentally, helping to keep you safe while working.
  • Enjoy peace of mind: The MG-36Pro is backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can be confident that your investment is protected.

The Harvey MG-36Pro Miter Gauge is the perfect tool for woodworkers who demand the best in accuracy, ease of use, and safety. If you are looking for a miter gauge that will help you take your woodworking to the next level, the MG-36Pro is the perfect choice.

Warranty Information

1 year parts warraty

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