My Tips on Log Splitting

16th Aug 2019

Matt here from BBT,

Did you know that making your own firewood is much more environmentally sustainable?

Every year Australia loses over 300,000 hectares of forestry and part of that comes from the firewood you are buying.

Making your own firewood promotes sustainable forestry when you grow as much wood as you need; and most of all, it's much more fun!

There are a couple of ways you can make your own firewood. here are some tips if you're using our tools and machinery:

Using A Log Splitter

Log splitters are powerhouses when it comes to firewood making. They can split a piece of wood in a fraction of the time it takes to do it with an axe.

One costly mistake people make with our machines is using a cross-wedge on an incompatible machine. It is best to stick with the typical sharp-cutter wedge to avoid damages. If you really want to reduce your cycle time, check the manual or contact us for advice on using a cross-wedge.

Next, If your log splitter operates with hoses, you want to have guards over them in case they blow and spurt oil and debris over you which can also be quite dangerous. Most of our log splitters have hydraulic hose burst protection sleeves as a safety feature.

Finally, when loading a log onto the machine, make sure it is firmly set as it may ride up or even fly off under pressure.

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