BBT T-Bar Clamp 54" / 1370mm



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BBT Sash Clamp 54" / 1370mm

The BBT range of clamps are all forged from ductile steel to ensure maximum strength and agility while delivering maximum clamping, they have been fitted with fused handles to ensure you can't damage the clamp.

  • Heavy duty clamps with 32mm x 6mm bar section.
  • Rigid T section ductile steel bar.
  • Unbreakable slide & head.
  • Resists twisting under pressure up to 1900kg.
  • Flat bottomed - to stand without support.
  • Drilled feet fore bench mounting.
  • The strongest type of bar clamp available.
  • Capacity: 1370mm.

The whole range of BBT clamps come with a lifetime warranty against defects

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