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BBT Slasher 24" Briggs & Stratton 750 Series Petrol Self Propelled Lawn Mower

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BBT Slasher Lawn Mower

Some of the features we have included on this Mower are a Genuine 750 Series Ready Start Briggs and Stratton Engine, with over head valves.

The Briggs and Stratton Engine comes with a 2 Year Nation Wide Engine Warranty, plus a massive 24" cut3 height adjustments, side discharge, Belt Driven.

These mowers are built tough, just like the old days, there is no plastic on the deck at all, everything is steel and made to last, this is a true commercial machine, we have seen similar machines retailing for nearly $3000.

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    • Powered by a Genuine 4 stroke Briggs & Stratton 750 Series Engine with 2 Year Warranty
    • Self Propelled, just pull the lever and let the mower do the hard yards
    • Belt Driven ( So if you hit a rock your engine is protected)
    • Large Side Chute
    • Large Pneumatic Rear Wheels 16"
    • Solid Fronts Wheels 8"
    • Removable Front Axle for greater access under fences etc
    • All wheels are ball raced
    • Height Adjustment from 20mm - 80mm
    • 2 Year Nationwide Engine Warranty
    • 12 Months BBT Deck Warranty
  • Engine B&S 750 serise 161cc
    Engine Oil SAE30, 590ml
    Spark Plug Champion QC12YC
    Cut Width 24" (61cm)
    Start type Pull start
    Cutting Height 20-80mm
    Blade Style 1x straight blade

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Customers Reviews (25 Reviews)

  • 5
    BBT self propelled slasher

    Top machine..does everything it was described to do. Could do with better operating instructions. However quality ,delivery as advised..Easy to operate on our sloping acres that the ride on is now to big to use as the trees and shrubs have grown so much. I've just made it to 80 years young and it has made life even more enjoyable..Good better than hoped for.

  • 4
    Good mower for the money

    I have had this mower for a few years now and after some modifications (after warranty was over) it has worked well ever since. The original drive belt didn't last long but after replacing it with a kevlar belt no probs. The drive belt is quite long and tends to flap around (came off sometimes) so I made an idler pulley that puts pressure at the half-way point, this also makes tensioning it easier. The exit chute benefitted from being opened up a bit more but still doesn't stop it getting clogged if you mow wet grass, but then again wet grass shouldn't be mowed anyway and if it's dry it works great. The B&S motor started easy each time but I have had a few B&S motors and they tend to get "tired" and hard to start which is tiring with a pull start, so I re-engineered it into an electric start. I also fitted a tap on the fuel line to turn the fuel off. The fact that the mower is all steel construction makes it easy to make changes if you are that way inclined and experienced in doing it safely and correctly. I think the mower would benefit from a slightly larger motor, but I have a decent area to mow and tend to push it to the limit, and yet it still does well. The drive system is a bit unique and absolutely does not work in the wet, but then, don't mow wet grass. Not easy if you live in an area that is often damp when the mowing needs to be done. Overall I have been pleased with my mower. Takes a bit of getting used to manoeuvring it around especially when using the power drive. It doesn't take away all the effort and it can still be a bit of a workout pushing it around. If some of the weaker aspects like the ones I have self-updated were addressed in the initial build this would be a fantastic, good value, dry weather mower even if it ended up being a bit pricier, as I understand that not everyone is able to mod their mower.

  • 4
    Good value, but.

    For what it is and does it's better value than any other new units I could find. Motor starts reliably but can sometimes kickback. I've found it best to hold the pull starter handle a bit loosely so it pulls out of your hand and doesn't try to break your wrist. I basically bought mine to slash around about 400 seedling trees, I've planted on some sloping ground, where my zero turn mower won't go or fit. It manages most of it and is definitely a good workout but the drive system is a bit so so. When you engage the drive, small metal friction wheels push onto the rear wheel tyres, this is not very effective if the wheels are wet so I find myself mowing at the end of a dry day if I expect to go up even a mild slope. I've tried different tyre pressures and presently have the friction wheels adjusted just touching the drive wheels. Would have preferred a chain/gear drive and clutch. Brakes would have also been nice it's hard to hang onto when you point it down hill, I always work up from the bottom of slopes then back down touching the drive as a brake. I have hinged the shoot so it kicks up if I need to mow closer to something. Mine is stored undercover but the rims of the rear wheels already have surface corrosion. The deck and most bits seem well constructed out of steel. The fuel tank is too small I have to refill it multiple times in a session. On a couple of occasions I've mowed bits of lawn close to the house and it does a nice job, but I wouldn't buy one primarily for that because it's heavier to manoeuvre than a domestic lawnmower and the wheels sticking out the front limit how close you can get to some things. The slasher blade is showing very little signs of wear, even with my theory that 'if you mow rocks enough they will turn into lawn.'

  • 4
    Slasher mower

    Very vulnerable to wet ground with wetness totally disabling the self propulsion, I did expect that. A strong robust machine bought to back up 60 inch ride on. Excellent for that purpose with great manoeuvrability. Reduces my time swinging a brush cutter which is getting beyond me.

  • 5

    disappointed it took a few months to get here but it arrived yesterday and tried it out. worked a treat on the long grass. will purchase again.

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