BBT Self Propelled 21" Briggs & Stratton 750 Series Petrol Electric Start 4 Speed Lawn Mower



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BBT Self Propelled 4 Speed Mower With Electric Start Briggs And Stratton Engine

Look no further, BBT has you covered this Mowing Season with their new Model 22"/21" Self Propelled 4 Speed Lawn Mower.

Choose your preferred speed. with 4 to choose from, you will be in complete control!

This BBT Self Propelled Lawn Mower include a genuine Electric Start 161cc 750 EX Series Briggs and Stratton Engine with a 1 Year Engine Warranty, plus a massive 21" cut , 8 height adjustments from 20mm up to 55mm, rear dischargeside discharge, mulch with mulcher plug included, and of course rear catch, just to mention a few features.


Effortless mowing experience with self-propelled feature, reducing strain and fatigue on the user's body

Enhanced control and maneuverability with adjustable speeds, allowing for precise navigation around obstacles and varying terrain

Convenient and hassle-free starting with electric start, eliminating the need for manual pulling and providing quick and reliable ignition

Ideal for users of all ages and physical abilities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable mowing experience

What makes the BBT Mower even more impressive is the Extras you get included.


    • Powered by a Genuine Briggs & Stratton 750 EX Series Engine with Electric Start and 1 Year Engine Warranty
    • 4-speed gear box with adjustable speeds: 1st Gear - 1.1m/sec, 2nd Gear - 1.0m/sec, 3rd Gear - 0.9m/sec, 4th Gear - 0.6m/sec
    • Free Battery for easy starts, with a pull start option as a backup
    • Self-propelled feature for effortless mowing
    • Rear plug for mulching included
    • Side chute deflector included
    • 70L catcher for efficient grass collection
    • Deck wash connection for easy cleaning with a standard garden hose
    • All wheels are ball raced for smooth maneuverability
    • Includes a double stubbie holder for convenience
  • Engine B&S electric start 750 series 161cc
    Engine Oil SAE30, 590ml
    Spark Plug Champion QC12YC
    Cut Width 21" (53cm)
    Start type Electric Start and Pull Start
    Cutting Height 20-55mm
    Blade Style 4x swing away blade

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