BBT Post Hole Digger Auger 51cc Petrol 2-Stroke



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BBT 51cc Post Hole Digger

This is BBT's flagship model post hole digger, with a massive 51cc engine, making it extremelly powerful and efficient, you will also receive all 3 augers, 100mm 200mm and 250mm, we have also added a 400mm extension, just to make sure those holes are deep enough

Our diggers have also been fitted with a genuine Vortex gearbox, Designed and Engineered in the USA! Complete with 2 year replacement warranty

The 51cc BBT Power Head has been fitted with a decompression valve for easy starting. And remember since you are buying directly from the manufacturer and we don't have those expensive overheads, so we have discounted this product so you save a small fortune on this top quality digger.


    • Powerful 51cc 2.8HP 2-stroke engine, making it the most powerful 2-stroke digger on the market.
    • Includes three augers: 250mm, 200mm, and 100mm, providing versatility for various hole sizes.
    • Added 400mm extension for achieving deeper hole depths.
    • Fitted with a genuine Vortex gearbox, designed and engineered in the USA, ensuring durability and reliable performance. Comes with a 2-year replacement warranty for the gearbox.
    • Decompression valve included for easy starting of the power head.
    • All augers are 1M long, allowing for efficient and effective digging.
  • Engine 51cc 2 stroke
    Engine Oil Any 2-stroke oil
    Spark Plug Torch BM6A
    Digging Depth 0mm-1600mm
    Dig Width 100mm-300mm
    Start Type Pull Start

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