BBT 2500W Diesel 11hp Welder Generator



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BBT Diesel Welder Generator 180A

The BBT Diesel Welder Generator is a multi function machine powered by a 10HP single cylinder electric start Diesel Engine. It can easily run up to 4mm rods along with powering most of your power tools through the twin 15A 240V outlets, a must for any contractor or farmer who needs a portable efficient machine.

BBT have included a maintenance free battery to ensure easy starts. We have also had these built with fold out handles and solid rubber wheels for easy manoeuvrability.

    • Multi-function machine
    • Powered by a 10HP single-cylinder electric start Diesel Engine
    • Capable of running up to 4mm rods for welding
    • Powering power tools through twin 15A 240V outlets
    • Ideal for contractors and farmers who require a portable and efficient machine
    • Maintenance-free battery for easy starts
    • Fold-out handles and solid rubber wheels for easy maneuverability

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