BBT 52cc 3hp 20" E-Start Petrol Chainsaw



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BBT 52cc E-Start Chainsaw

The BBT 52cc chainsaw has been designed with the operator in mind — you can cut large logs but it’s light enough to be used around the house. So if you’re cutting firewood or just pruning around your garden, the BBT 52cc is perfect for you.

We have also included a dual-weighted crankshaft and a double-ringed piston, ensuring your BBT chainsaw will never let you down. You also get a 20" cutting capacity BBT bar — plus for a limited time, we’ll throw in 2 chains at no extra cost.

This model also comes with E-Start starting system, this system works by building up pressure while gently pulling the starter rope out, once it builds up enough pressure, the pull starts releases the pressure, turning the engine over quickly and easily to ensure it starts.

This is one of BBT's most popular chainsaws and will give you years of trouble-free work.



  • Equipped with a high-performance 52cc double ringed piston engine, providing reliable power for cutting through large logs and tackling various tasks.
  • Designed with the operator in mind, this chainsaw is lightweight and easy to handle, making it suitable for both professional and home use, whether you're cutting firewood or pruning in the garden.
  • Equipped with a dual-weighted crankshaft, which helps to reduce vibration and enhance overall stability during operation, ensuring smooth and controlled cutting.
  • Included a double-ringed piston enhances the durability and longevity of the chainsaw, ensuring it can withstand heavy use and demanding cutting tasks.
  • Comes with a 20" cutting capacity BBT bar, allowing you to make large and precise cuts with ease.
  • The E-Start starting system simplifies the starting process by building up pressure while gently pulling the starter rope out, ensuring quick and easy engine ignition.
  • Equipped with a zero dust air filter, preventing dust and debris from entering the engine, resulting in cleaner operation and extended engine life.
  • For a limited time, the BBT 52cc chainsaw comes with two chains at no extra cost, providing added value and convenience.


Engine 52cc 2 stroke
Bar Oil Bar and Chain Oil
Oil Tank Capacity 260ml
Bar Size 20"
Start type Pull start
Fuel Type 2 stroke mixed at 25 to 1
Fuel Tank Capacity 550ml
Power 2.2kw/2.95hp
Spark Plug CHAMPION RCJ6Y/ Torch L7T
Chain Pitch 0.325"
Chain Guage 0.058"

Package Size

L-480mm W-260mm H-300mm weight-6.8kg

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