BBT 3500W Petrol 4 Stroke Electric Start Sine Wave Inverter Generator



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BBT Electric Start Pure Sine Wave Inverter Generator

No one knows generators like BBT as one of the top selling manufacturer in Australia since 2006, we have recently launched our latest electric start 3500W generator, the BBT3500i. Designed for easy starting without the hassle, this generator kicks off with a simple turn of a key, or at the push of a button! Remote control operation can also be used up to 5 metres away!

Maintaining the BBT reputation for being reliable, compact and portable – the BBT3500i, is inbuilt with 4 high quality wheels for easy transportation. It has also 2 handles for ultimate weight distribution and can be managed by one or two people. The 7.5L Fuel tank ensures a longer running time, so you can forget about refuelling - this machine just goes on and on and on!

The BBT3500i 3500W generator comes with a dual AC outlet, allowing you to run multiple appliances at the same time. It also features a cigarette lighter socket and a built-in for DC charging, that can be used for charging your phone, iPad and other gadgets.

The BBT3500i also comes with a built-in LCD display screen to show the current output and warn when the generator is overloaded or the oil is running low. Having been in the industry for years, BBT knows what’s important when it comes to a quality generator, so when you buy from BBT you know it’s worth it!

    • Electric start with the convenience of key or button activation
    • Remote control operation up to 5 meters away
    • Reliable, compact, and portable design with 4 high-quality wheels for easy transportation
    • 2 handles for optimal weight distribution and manageable by one or two people
    • 7.5L fuel tank for extended running time without frequent refueling
    • Dual AC outlets for running multiple appliances simultaneously
    • Cigarette lighter socket and built-in DC charging for charging phones, iPads, and other gadgets
    • Built-in LCD display screen for monitoring current output and warning of overload or low oil
    • Pure sine wave output, safe for sensitive equipment
    • Noise Level: 58 dB (7m)

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