Kamado Smoker Grill 22" included Stand with wheels (Red)



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This Kamado grill allow a user to easily create professional grade dishes that are perfect in taste and texture. The grills, along tan charcoal features of this grill such as a cast iron vent on top and built in temperature gauge make it easy to control burn temperature allowing you cook like the chefs on TV while your friends brag they cooked their steaks at home. 

This Kamado grill has a large cooking grid with a diameter of 48.5 cm and steel trolley which gives you great movability. Ideal to cook a wide range of food such as burgers, fish, and ribs, this Kamado barbecue grill will surely offer you and your friends great BBQ fun!

  • Main body Diameter: 56cm/22"
  • Dia of Cooking Grid: 48.5cm
  • Kamado Assembled Dimension (L*D*H): 72.5*56*73 cm
  • Trolley Assembled  Dimension (L*D*H):  127.3*57.3*89cm
  • Full set Assembled  Dimension (L*D*H): 127.3*72.5*128cm
  • N.W.: 94KG
  • G.W.:104KG
  • Top Vent: Cast Iron
  • Cooking Grid: SS (Dia 6mm S/S)
  • Fire box/Kamado shell: Mullite (Resistant to 1000 degree)
  • Handle: Steel
  • Side Shelf: Steel
  • Trolley: Heavy Duty Steel
  • Colour: Red

Kamado Cupboard is sold separately.


SMOKING (110 - 135 degree)
Add wood chips in charcoal to enjoy the additional flavour on top of your favourite meat e.q. turkey, pork and ribs etc

SEARING (260 - 370 degree)
Similar techniques to browning and blackening. Cook the surface of the food (beef, poultry, pork, seafood) at high temperature until a browned crust forms. 

GRILLING (160 - 180 degree)
Cooking food on a rack over a heat source. Direct heat quickly sears the outside of food, producing distinctive robust, roasted. 

BAKING LOW & SLOW (160-180 degree)
Kamado grill retain heat very well and cook your favourite meat much more efficient for a long cooking times.

L-720mm W-760mm H-1080mm weight-120kg

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