Bridge City Tools 600mm (24" ) Woodwork Bench Rule

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Bridge City 600mm Woodwork Bench Rule

Besides the obvious use as a straight rule, SR series rules are also excellent little straight edges with precision ground surfaces. They are terrific for marking, scoring, or cutting wit knives. You can use them for layout work and for making precise measurements. All SR series rules are made of high-grade special stainless steel and all surfaces are coated by the advanced PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process. This unique PVD coating generates super surface hardness for wear resistance and low fiction.

As the old proverb says: "measure twice, cut once". With that in mind, you can never have too many rules in the shop. Having an accurate and dependable rule such as the SR rules will improve your workflow, and will be your new "Go-To' tool in the shop.


Model SR-24-M
Length 609.6 mm
Width 38.1 mm
Thickness  1 mm
Min. Resolution 0.5 mm
Package size 80 x 70 x 638 mm
Net weight 0.184 kg
Gross weight 0.63 kg

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