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BBT Stump Grinder 14hp Petrol Vanguard Briggs & Stratton

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Electric Start Briggs and Stratton Vanguard Stump Grinder

Briggs and Stratton 14hp Commercial Electric Start Engine provides impressive cutting power and the ability to operate in tight working conditions. This top ranging machine also features 9 easily replaceable carbide-tipped teeth These cutters are configured for durability and smooth operation, and rotate at up to 4000rpm - reducing the stump and roots to mulch in a matter of minutes! 


    • Equipped with a powerful 420cc Electric Start Briggs and Stratton Vanguard Petrol engine, providing reliable performance with a 3-year commercial Nationwide warranty.
    • Offers both an electric start and a pull start system, offering convenience and flexibility in starting the machine.
    • Its disk-lever activated brake type ensures quick and precise stopping when needed.
    • The drive system utilizes twin V-belts, ensuring efficient power transmission.
    • With a maximum blade speed of 4000rpm, the trencher can efficiently cut through the ground.
    • The centrifugal heavy-duty clutch enhances the trencher's performance and durability.
    • It offers a cutting depth of 300mm below ground level, allowing for deep and thorough trenching.
    • Equipped with 9 teeth set with tungsten carbide tips, ensuring long-lasting and efficient cutting performance.
    • With pneumatic 12.4" wheels provids stability and ease of maneuverability during operation.
  • Engine 14hp Vanguard
    Engine Oil SAE 30 1250ml
    Spark Plug Champion RC12XY
    Start Type Electric Start and Pull Start

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Customers Reviews (15 Reviews)

  • 5
    its a beast

    getting used to safety cut offs

  • 5
    Stump Grinder

    Great machine & service. Arrived within 2 days & was put to work 2 weeks later on my acre property. Had no trouble at all eating up the 8 stumps I used it on A little heavy, but needs to be to deliver the punch it does. Very happy with this purchase.

  • 5
    Excellent Machine

    For the price this is a fantastic machine. Will grind just about anything, I have done some large stumps that i was surprised i could do, it is hard work and does take some time but excellent results. ** IMPORTANT - remove and loctite the teeth bolts straight away and everytime you replace them, they do work loose and I have broken many teeth while learning this. Also tighten the grease nipples on the bearing blocks, mine were loose and both broke off. Keep an eye on the air filter and use air compressor to blow off dust etc as it can clog up, also change oil regularly and you won't have any issues. After sales service from BBT is great.

  • 5
    14 hp vanguard stump grinder

    This must be one of the best machines I have ever bought. I grinded 127 stumps all day (over a hundred) and the tungsten bits were not even blunt yet. Machine starts without fail and does what it is suppose to do.

  • 5

    I've done about 50 stumps on this now so ready to review it. My first BBTA purchase and very impressed. It comes flat packed in a crate, instructions weren't great but it was easy enough to figure out, I had to look at the photos on the BBTA website though. Very easy to operate, but it is quite heavy, fortunately I'm a young dude but even so, pulling it uphill was hard going, had to strap it to the back of the ride on! Broken a few teeth (actually the bolts, not the teeth), both times it was on very small sapling stumps. I think if you drop the cutting wheel too deep then the nut hits the stump and that's the bit that shears off. Just be careful not to just ram it in there or you'll bust your nuts ;) Nuts/bolts aren't advertised on the website, but call/email and they'll sell them, about $2 each (they're high tensile, don't replace with any old bolt). 10/10 would recommend. If you have a lot of stumps it's cheaper than getting someone in to do it.

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