BBT Compact Cultivator Tiller 40cc Petrol 4 Stroke



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BBT 4 Stroke Mini Cultivator

The BBT Mini Tiller / Cultivator is perfect for around the home and small gardens, it has a powerful 40cc 4 stroke engine coupled with the ability to turn up soil 150mm deep while cutting up to 300mm wide.

If you have a veggie garden this machine is a must, it only weighs 15kg dry! Making it his and her machine at the same time give your back a rest and give the veggies better soil to grow in with more air and nutrient distribution giving you that supermarket look while your family enjoys the fruits of organic vegetables grown right at home.

    • Equipped with a powerful 40cc 4-stroke engine, providing reliable performance for tilling and cultivating tasks.
    • Can turn up soil up to 150mm deep, allowing for effective soil preparation and aeration.
    • With a cutting width of up to 300mm, it can cover a significant area while working efficiently.
    • Particularly beneficial for vegetable gardens, as it helps improve soil quality, providing better air circulation and nutrient distribution for healthier plant growth.
    • Despite its powerful performance, the machine weighs only 15kg (dry), making it easy to handle and maneuver for both men and women.
    • Equipped with 5" wheels, ensuring easy mobility and maneuverability during operation.
    • Offers fingertip controls, providing convenience and ease of use.
  • Engine 40cc 4 stroke
    Engine Oil SAE 30 90ml
    Spark Plug LD CM7H
    Digging Depth 0mm-150mm
    Dig Width 300mm
    Start Type Pull Start

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