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BBT-CH-15 BBT-CH-15-330

BBT 9000 Series 15hp Petrol 420cc Electric Start Garden Wood Chipper/Mulcher

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8 Dec 2023
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BBT15hp Chipper Mulcher Electric Start

Powered by a Genuine 420cc JD Engine the BBT 9000 Series Mulcher uses latest technology allowing you to feed branches up to 8.5cm in diameter straight into its massive 340mm chute! It's both powerful and quick. Feed branches into the oversized hopper and watch them instantly turn into valuable mulch.

Feed bushy branches or straight out thick timber into this weapon and watch as the multi-directional adjustable discharge spread valuable mulch to your desired location. And with the ability to attach or feed direct to bag, you can take your mulch anywhere!

The BBT 9000 Series Mulcher also features twin-cut blade system - an amazing system that virtually doubles chipping output. This makes the 9000 Series the most powerful chipper on the market - truly a fantastic machine!

Make no mistake, when choosing the right chipper for you, Bigger Boyz Toyz are the industry leaders, please don't hesitate to contact us to find out what best suits your needs.


    • Powered by a Genuine 420cc JD Engine for reliable performance.
    • Latest technology allows feeding branches up to 8.5cm in diameter.
    • Massive 340mm chute for quick and efficient mulching.
    • Oversized hopper instantly turns branches into valuable mulch.
    • Multi-directional adjustable discharge spreads mulch to desired location.
    • Attachable bag for easy transportation of mulch.
    • Twin-cut blade system doubles chipping output.
    • Equipped with 12" / 300mm wheels for easy maneuverability.
    • Max branch diameter of 85mm for handling thicker timber.

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Customers Reviews (14 Reviews)

  • 4
    BBT 9000 chipper/mulcher

    I'll start by rating the machine very highly, it does everything I expected of it, very happy! Straight forward assembly BUT, due to a random M8 bolt having lodged between the drum and the machine body which stopped the rotation, the entire drum assembly had to be disassembled! It was the only way to remove the bolt. I'm talking complete removal of bearings, drive belts etc. Whilst the process wasn't too challenging, it was time consuming and annoying for a new machine. Fortunately I hadn't tried to actually start the engine, I had tried to turn it over manually in case of such a problem. Technical assistance was in the form of text messages with someone who didn't seem to have any useful product knowledge. Bottom line.... now very happy with my machine ?

  • 5

    So far a great machine.

  • 5
    bbt 9000 chipper Mulcher

    Why did I wait so long to buy this machine ! Its a seriously strong Chipper . It did jam a couple of times at first till I got use to the power ,you need to hold back how fast it wants to pull the branches into the mouth of the chipper , and don't stand directly behind and mouth ,sometime it spits the bigger pieces of wood

  • 4
    900 Wood mulcher

    Major Muncher: like wow. Once we got it going after the striker plate bolts fell out in the first 30 seconds and jammed the machine!! These were pre installed with no instructions to check and tightened and with alan keys, not ideal. Unfortunate oversight. Check them and tighten them. Otherwise you will spend hrs unjamming or disassembling it. Then go for it!! You will love it. No regrets...but learned to check even where you wouldn't think to look.

  • 5
    Great machine.

    This chipper is a great machine we have given ours a massive work out .The only issue I have is the bolts that hold the shute in position have stripped.

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