BBT 9 Ton Vertical/Horizontal Hydraulic Electric Wood Log Splitter - 2yrw



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Introducing the new powerful 9 tons electric log splitter, available on a 10 amp plug! Prepare to be amazed by its exceptional features and unrivaled performance. This log splitter is equipped with a robust 240V-50HZ-2300W, IP54-rated electric motor, delivering raw power that knows no bounds. With a continuous power of 9 tons and a pressure rating of 3500Psi, it conquers logs with relentless force, making light work of the toughest challenges.

This log splitter boasts an external 70mm cylinder, purpose-built for efficient log splitting that leaves no log unyielding. Its all-steel construction ensures unwavering durability, capable of withstanding the test of time. Equipped with 150mm/6" wheels, it effortlessly navigates any terrain, providing unmatched mobility for seamless operation.

Its versatility shines through with the ability to operate in both vertical and horizontal positions, accommodating logs up to an impressive 520mm in length. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the freedom to split logs of various sizes and wood types.

Experience the difference of true power and reliability with our extraordinary log splitter. Get ready to conquer any log with confidence and ease!

Package Dimensions  935x315x640mm - 85kg


  • The largest log splitter available on a 10 amp plug
  • Updated design for enhanced stability
  • Powerful 240V-50HZ-2300W electric motor for optimal performance
  • IP54 rated for durability and protection
  • External 70mm cylinder for efficient log splitting
  • All Steel Construction for robustness and longevity
  • Continuous 9-ton power for effective splitting force
  • 3500 PSI pump ensures exceptional hydraulic pressure
  • 150mm/6" wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Gear pump type for reliable operation
  • Compatible with splitting Iron Bark, a tough and dense wood variety
  • Accommodates log lengths of up to 520mm/20"
  • Log diameter capacity varies depending on wood type, but can handle large logs
  • Can be operated both vertically and horizontally


Engine 2300w 10amp electric
Hydro Oil 4.2L ISO68
Log Length 520mm
Towable No

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