BBT 7500w Diesel 12hp Super Silent Generator - 2yrw



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31 Jul 2024
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BBT 7500w Super Silent Diesel Generator: Whisper-Quiet Power for Home, Leisure, and Business

The BBT 7500w Super Silent Diesel Generator delivers exceptional power in a remarkably quiet package. Perfect for a variety of applications, this generator operates at an ultra-low noise level of only 66 dB(A)@7m, making it ideal for residential areas, noise-sensitive environments, and even commercial settings.

Power Your World Quietly:

Whether you need backup power for your home during outages, reliable electricity for your next camping trip, or a quiet power source for outdoor events, markets, food trucks, or commercial needs, the BBT 7500w Super Silent Diesel Generator has you covered.


  • Super Silent Operation (66 dB(A)@7m): Enjoy minimal noise disruption, perfect for residential areas, outdoor events, and noise-sensitive environments.
  • 12hp Koop KD192FE Engine: Provides reliable power for various applications.
  • 7.5kVA Maximum Output: Powers essential appliances, lights, electronics, and equipment during outages, outdoor use, or at markets and events.
  • 14.5L Fuel Tank Capacity: Offers extended runtime between refuelings.
  • Electric Starting: Ensures convenient and effortless startup.
  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) with Remote Control: Automatically transfers your home to generator power during outages and back to utility power when restored (requires professional installation).
  • Single-Phase Power Output: Suitable for powering most common household appliances, electronics, market equipment, and food truck appliances.
  • 2-year parts warranty


  • Peace and Quiet: Enjoy minimal noise pollution while keeping your essential equipment running, perfect for residential areas, events, and markets.
  • Reliable Backup Power: Provides peace of mind during outages, keeping your home or business powered and operational.
  • Portable Power: Ideal for camping, tailgating, powering events, markets, and food trucks away from the grid.
  • Easy to Use: Electric start and clear controls offer user-friendly operation.
  • Automatic Operation (with ATS): Ensures seamless power transition during outages without manual intervention (requires professional installation).
  • Fuel Efficient: Reduces running costs and fuel consumption.

Product Dimensions:

  • LxWxH: 995x645x890mm
  • Weight: 210kg

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