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BBT 12/20 Ton Vertical/horizontal Hydraulic petrol Wood Log splitter with 6.5hp BBT pull start engine

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12T BBT log splitter with vertical and horizontal capabilities.

The BBT 12/20T splitter will split just about anything you throw at it including Iron Bark and Yellow Box, and with the ability to run it in the Vertical Position, Horizontal Position and even at 45 Degree Position. We have even added a genuine 6.5hp JD engine to ensure your splitter starts first time every time.

Introducing the BBT 12/20T Splitter, the ultimate powerhouse for all your splitting needs. This remarkable splitter is designed to effortlessly split even the toughest materials, including Iron Bark and Yellow Box.

Equipped with a robust JD-208 6.5HP engine, this splitter guarantees reliable and hassle-free operation. Say goodbye to frustrating starting issues as the JD engine ensures that your splitter starts on the first attempt, every time.

With a continuous power rating of 12 tons and a pressure rating of 3500 Psi, the BBT 12/20T Splitter delivers exceptional splitting force. Its 70mm cylinder size and all-steel construction make it capable of tackling the most challenging logs with ease.

The versatility of this splitter is unmatched. You can choose between three different positions for operation: horizontal, vertical, and even at a 45-degree angle. This flexibility allows you to adapt to various splitting scenarios and optimize your productivity.

Featuring 254mm (10") wheels, the BBT 12/20T Splitter ensures excellent maneuverability, enabling you to transport it effortlessly to any desired location.

Powered by a reliable gear pump, this splitter delivers consistent performance and efficient splitting action. It boasts a log capacity length of 500mm, allowing you to handle sizable logs with ease.

The BBT 12/20T Splitter is designed for durability and longevity. Constructed with high-quality steel, it can withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use, making it a reliable companion for both professional woodworkers and avid DIY enthusiasts.

Whether you need to split firewood for your fireplace or prepare timber for various projects, the BBT 12/20T Splitter is the ultimate choice. Its power, versatility, and rugged construction make it the go-to tool for efficient and effective log splitting. Invest in the BBT 12/20T Splitter and experience the ultimate splitting performance.

Please note: Unit does not come with Hydraulic Oil or Engine Oil.


  • Powerful 12-ton continuous power rating and 3500 Psi pressure rating
  • Equipped with a reliable JD-208 6.5HP engine for easy starting
  • Capable of splitting tough materials such as Iron Bark and Yellow Box
  • Three operating positions: horizontal, vertical, and 45-degree angle
  • Versatile and adaptable to different splitting scenarios
  • 254mm (10") wheels for easy maneuverability and transport
  • Robust construction with all-steel body for durability
  • Efficient splitting action with a log capacity length of 500mm
  • Powered by a reliable gear pump for consistent performance
  • Suitable for both professional woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts
  • Designed for heavy-duty use and long-lasting performance
  • Ideal for splitting firewood or preparing timber for projects
  • Accommodates log lengths of up to 500mm/20"
  • Log diameter capacity varies depending on wood type, but can handle large logs

Engine JD 6.5hp
Start Type Pullstart
Engine Oil 600ml SAE30
Fuel Type 95 petrol
Tank Capacity 3.6L
Hydro Oil 6L ISO68
Hydro pump Size 10LPM
Log Length 500mm
Towable No

Package Dimensions L-750mm W-460mm H-1120mm
Weight 116kg

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Customers Reviews (15 Reviews)

  • 5
    12/20 Log Splitter

    The new log splitter arrived finally. We live near Murgon in Qld and the log splitter had to travel via several transport companies before I received it. We expect that out here so, all good. After having the usual hassle understanding the assembly instructions I finally got it ready. For those having the same problem, simply refer to the photos in BBT's website. A picture paints a thousand words !! After filling with the appropriate oils etc, it fired up on the 2nd pull. I then bled out all the air from the hydraulics and then put it to work. Awesome is the best word to describe it !! Nothing I threw at it even slowed it down. Highly recommended !! It will now take its place amongst all the other BBT machinery in the shed.

  • 5
    goes well as described

    Very HAPPY, as stated in previous review, handle could be longer but an easy fix...

  • 5
    20t log splitter

    Wish I brought one ages ago

  • 4

    I have bolted and roped the splitter upright on a carry/all on the back of my tractor. Thus I shall split the logs in situ before loading onto a trailer.

  • 5
    Awesome piece of gear

    Easy to setup and does as great job splitting even horrible knotty wood.

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