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Timberwolf 25 Ton PTO Hydraulic petrol Wood Log splitter

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Now: $1,699.00
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Experience the unmatched power and efficiency of the Timberwolf 25-ton PTO Hydraulic Log Splitter, the ultimate solution for tackling heavy-duty log splitting tasks. Designed to be powered by your hydraulic PTO from your tractor, this log splitter offers easy 3 Point Linkage hook-up for seamless operation.

With its incredible 25-ton splitting force, the Timberwolf Log Splitter effortlessly transforms even the toughest logs like Yellow Box and Iron Bark into toothpicks with a simple pull of a lever. Engineered and tested to withstand extreme working conditions, this log splitter remains rigid and distortion-free, ensuring reliable performance day after day.

Whether you're working with a large crew on-site or handling firewood at home, the Timberwolf Log Splitter is the perfect companion. Its elevated working bed eliminates strain on your back, providing comfort and convenience during log splitting operations.

With a cycle time of 12 seconds (tractor dependent) and an auto return feature, you'll experience efficient and streamlined log splitting. 

Rest easy knowing that shipping is available for this log splitter, securely packaged in a steel crate. Embrace the power and reliability of the Timberwolf 25-ton PTO Hydraulic Log Splitter and conquer your log splitting tasks with ease.


  • Industrial-grade 25-ton log splitter designed to handle heavy-duty tasks
  • Powered by the Hydraulic PTO from your tractor for convenient operation
  • Easy 3 Point Linkage hook-up for quick and efficient setup
  • Capable of splitting tough woods like Yellow Box and Iron Bark effortlessly
  • Tested to withstand forces exceeding 25 tons without distortion or flexing
  • Elevated working bed for ergonomic operation and reduced strain on the back
  • Offers both vertical and horizontal splitting orientations for versatility
  • Hydraulic pressure range of 2000-3400psi (tractor-dependent)
  • Cylinder diameter of 100mm/4" for reliable splitting performance
  • Accommodates log lengths of up to 500mm/20"
  • Log diameter capacity varies depending on wood type, but can handle large logs
  • Suggested pump type: Two Stage 41LPM Gear Pump for optimal results
  • Cycle time of approximately 12 seconds (tractor-dependent)
  • Auto return feature for efficient operation

Log Length 500mm
Towable No

Package Dimensions L-2160mm W-530mm H-550mm
Weight 280kg

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