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Bull BBQ Stainless Steel Wood Fired Pizza Oven

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MSRP: $1,799.00
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Weight: 300.00 KGS


Fit 3 Large Pizzas

Get ready for gourmet pizza's at home with the Genuine Bull BBQ® Wood Fire Pizza Oven. Constructed of 100% stainless steel inside and out your pizza oven has been built to last just like every Bull product.

With a massive cooking area of 1015mm (1M) x 550mm (55cm) there is enough room for the fire plus 3 large pizzas, so hosting a pizza night is not a problem.


  • Full #430 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Top notch quality pizza stone base
  • Foldable stainless steel sides
  • Twin Skin stainless steel door
  • Delivery can be done Australia Wide or pick up is also welcome
  • Cooking area: 1015mm x 550mm

Click image to download (PDF)


  • 1x Pizza Oven
  • 1x User Manual


  • Dimension: 923mm Wide, 730mm Deep, 1809mm Height with Flue
  • Weight: 115kg 



-- Fridge Cooler Module and Drawer Module will fit in with this Bull BBQ® pizza ovens. 

Customers Reviews (13 Reviews)

  • 4
    St steel pizza oven

    Very poor instructions to assemble. Comes in one box which is hard to transport. Wasn't too hard to put together though. Looks good and easy to get fire going. Still haven't mastered art of cooking a good pizza but will keep at it. Got to required temp in about half hour.

  • 5

    Very fast delivery, I live in Melbourne and it was delivered to my in under 24 hours, considering the situation with Covid, I wasn't expecting t for at least a week or 2, Assembly was fairly straight forward, however I'm used to putting items like this together, instructions as usual with most packed stuff you buy were somewhat fairly useless and needs a lot of improvement, the oven should come with how to use instruction book and perhaps with even some recopies inside it, but at the very least a "How to Use Book" would be great for all first timers like myself on using a woodfire oven, in saying that, the oven it self is fantastic, cooks great woodfired pizza's and i have even made some home made fresh bread, at this stage i have used it twice and so far I cant fault it. Great Woodfire oven, a must have.

  • 5
    Pizza Oven

    Great value for money. Easy to put together. Requires little wood and retains great heat. Love it!

  • 5
    looking the part !

    This is an amazing appliance.. looks terrific and very impressive. Was super easy to assemble and wow pizza is terrific

  • 5

    Woodfire oven came extremely fast considering where it was sent from, it was slightly confusing to put some of it together but that's all, no missing parts, good quality

  • 4

    Pros: The unit itself is well made with no obvious gaps in the construction. The temp gauge is a welcome addition making the art of getting it to the correct temperature a little easier although you still should use a temp gun to check all areas of the inside. Getting a fire started and maintained is easy. Cons: The instructions are one of the worst I have seen for any protect even compared to translated English. The assembly instructions are lacking a lot of needed detail such as which legs go where, where all the washers go and identification of what should have been supplied. I was missing a flue cover, the use of which I was unsure of so I do not know if that is supposed to be supplied or not. I am used to quality products spending the time providing a manual to describe what it is and how to use it. I have no idea when to leave to front cover on or off and when to use the flue choke. Why would you spend what must have been a significant amount of time design this product and its delivery packaging and not get a specialist to create the manual for you. After all it is in your best interest for the purchaser to get the most out of the product and not expect them to go onto Google/Youtube to fill in the gaps. Fragile items such as televisions can be packaged smartly whilst with this product I spend around 30mins assembling the unit and around 2 hours peeling of their plastic coating. Surely this needs a rethink. I think with these cons it is a 3.5 star but I cannot give that type of rating as I regarding it as above average but less than stellar

  • 5
    oven with great design

    oven assembles relatively easily although fitting the legs to the floor requires some care as the bolts are difficult to access. Using a long handle screwdriver was the only way to reach inside each join. Its made more difficult by the fact that the legs and floor need to be inverted while fixing screws and bolts in place. The result is ok but the task is a challenge for the average diy person. They need to privide an option to purchase a cover for the unit. Although its stainless throughout, it will still collect stains/marks if located outside in weather. Cooks well and the chimney choke is a good idea.

  • 5
    Great Unit

    This oven cooks great traditional pizza just like the brick ones, it takes under 1 hr to get the temperature up for perfect cooking of pizza, then as it cools down bake delicious breads or roasts, vegetables,great value for money, fast no fuss delivery, good company to deal with.

  • 5
    Clean neat and very stylish pizza oven

    Being all stainless steel it not only looks good but is easy to maintain and keep clean. Only a small wood fire is needed to get the oven to 400 C in ten minutes. Because this model is wide and only bench depth, I mounted my oven on a heat resistant bench top, modified the flu, and used the stainless steel trolley modified as a matching mobile food preparation bench. Absolutely great value.

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