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BBT 21Ft/lbs Mulcher/Chipper Electric Start B&S

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Weight: 135.00 KGS

BBT's 21Ft/lbs Chipper and Mulcher with Electric Start Briggs and Stratton 2100 I/C series Engine

Ideal for turning your garden waste into valuable mulch or woodchip, The BBT Mulcher is a must have for the professional tradesman or home gardener. Powered by a 21Ft/lbs Briggs and Stratton I/C 4-Stroke Engine complete with Nationwide 2 year warranty, The BBT Mulcher is capable of reaching chipping speeds of 2900RPM, making it the most powerful portable chipper on the market today.

Fitted with the patented X16 Floating Hammer System, The BBT Mulcher provides 30% greater efficiency than standard models. In addition, it comes with a huge 128mm x 80mm direct feed chute, as well as an oversize hopper to fit those bushy branches. It also features an adjustable discharge throat, allowing for the accurate placement of your woodchip.

Jam packed with impressive features, the BBT Mulcher has been fitted with highest quality High Speed Steel Chipping Blades, Forged Hammers mixed with Shark Tooth blades, a Low Oil Alert System, 12" Pneumatic tyres, and a Trailer Hitch giving you the benefits of easy portability over rough ground.



Briggs and Stratton I/C 2100 Electric Start (2 Year Warranty)

Torque* (ft-lbs, gross) 21.00
Engine Displacement (cc) 420
Number of Cylinders Single
Engine Configuration Horizontal Shaft
Engine Technology OHV


  • Blade Speed: 2900RPM
  • 128mm x 80mm Chute Capacity
  • HSS Chipping Blade
  • 16 x Floating Chipping Hammers with Shark Tooth

Dimensions / Capacities

  • GW/ Nett Weight: 115/ 105Kg


  • Collection Bag
  • Funnel & Tool Kit
  • Safety Kit: Ear Muffs, Goggles, Gloves



Customers Reviews (6 Reviews)

  • 4
    Good for small privet use

    In general great machine. Not for big commercial use. I found it hard to clean pieces of timber who get blocked inside. Delivery and customer service is great. can be operate easy.

  • 5
    Best service

    The chipper is a beast but I don't feel like I've used it enough to review it's performance. What I can say is BBTA's service has been great. Lightning fast, responsive, professional. I tried to purchase a similar product through a competitor's online store and had no end of problems with getting the purchase done and product delivered. BBTA just got it done, no fuss, very quick. In comparison I lost six weeks mucking around with the other donkeys.

  • 5

    this machine has demolished all the kindling, small branches and the like. I have a great supply of mulch to see my garden through this summer and beyond.

  • 4
    Heaps of power mulches 85mm branches with ease

    Having used this machine for 4 months now I can tell you the good and the bad. I bought the machine after the heaviest snow fall in 40 years in the Blue Mountains which felled four 20m tall black wattles and severely damaged another twenty gums, acacias and bottle brushes. My first batch of mulching was 50 cubic metres of loose stacked black wattle branches. Good * Chips trees up to 85mm thick without a problem - branches as long as 6m were eaten with ease. 10/10 Bad * towing - the tow arm is set at too shallow an angle so that when it is hitched to the back of my mower (a big 24hp Dixon) the mower is only clears the ground by an inch, thus when being towed across my property it bounces off uneven ground and gouges the grass. I had to add spacers in two places to increase the clearance to two inches, still only marginally acceptable. 6/10 * output chute - quite frankly, hopeless! It comes with a bag to catch the wood chips, which tore on the first use before it was half full. The chute is at ground level and very quickly jams with wood chips as they cannot be expelled far enough from the chute. If you followed the instruction manual, the machine would have to be turned off every 5-10 minutes to clear the chute, however it is pretty safe to clear it by hand whilst the machine is running, just scooping the chips away from the chute. I place a 1 cubic metre landscaping/rubbish bag under the output chute and collect all the mulch in that. 5/10 Build quality After four months everything is still bolted together tightly and is rattle free. The engine fires first or second pull every time and has been trouble free. The catcher bag tore within 15 minutes and is useless. The protective rubber flaps on the main side inlet started falling off in the first our and after 20 hours of use had all fallen off (10 heavy duty rubber flaps), so pieces of wood can be ejected towards you so make sure your face is out of the way. The side inlet chute has split along the lower weld line (a good 20cm split) after 30+ hours of use and hopefully will be replaced once I get around to calling BBT. 9/10 Manual/instructions Chinglish warning stickers on the machine mangling the warnings almost as much as the trees, with notices about items that don't even exist sometimes. No harm however more care should be taken by BBT to ensure everything is accurate. The manual refers to two chipping blades, although it is a single blade machine, and the machine comes with more sections assembled than the manual states making parts of the manual superfluous - and some of the manual is plainly incorrect as the parts do not match the descriptions in some places. As noted above, if you followed the manual safety instructions then you would be forever turning the machine on and off as it jams. 6/10 Conclusion Extremely powerful, in the main it is well built, delivery charge is great and the cost is brilliant compared to other machines on the market. If you can live with the severe limitations of the ground level output chute, this is a very good and value for money chipper.

  • 4
    No more palm fronds

    I am very happy with my purchase. Assembly instructions were hard to understand , I had to look up Youtube for help. My property has a dozen golden cane palms, and this of course was a major consideration before ordering the mulcher with the Briggs & Stratton engine. I am mulching the fallen palm fronds weekly and it handles them with ease. The discharge chute could be improved, as it needs to be cleared regularly. Thankyou BBT

  • 4
    Heaps of Power

    Speedy delivery, friendly staff, well packaged, fair price and spare parts available. The Machine; POSITIVES: Plenty of power, easy to operate, does it's job well as far as any wood types, strongly constructed and easy enough to put together out of the box after watching a internet video, as the paperwork that comes with it are almost useless. NEGATIVES: Instructions and diagrams are poor to say the least, should supply a DVD with good diagrams and video so to make it clear and simple. needs a longer handle and better placed as it's heavy and hard to move, not everyone will be using the tow bar hitch with a lawn mower or ATM just to move it around. pushing and pulling it with the handles supplied is not too easy as the hopper leans on your arms as you tilt it to get the weight right and wheel it. could do with some strong wheel burrow handles that fold up when in use. The exit shoot for the chips and mulch needs a major improvement as it blocks up after a couple of branches or limbs and has to be cleared to continue. Needs two people to do a lot of work to get it done properly, although one person can just take their time and do a few branches then clear it and wheel the mulch away to where they want or shovel it away from the exit shoot sort of giving them a break, then load some more. when using these sort of machines I find it easier to lay a cheep tarp on the ground and let the mess fall onto it and then just shake the corners up to clean the mess and gather the chips up. WOULD RECOMEND THIS MACHINE TO ANYONE.... 7/10 over all.

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